CMW200BOX Wrapper

  • Maximum production speed: up to 120 packs/minute
  • Facial tissue box dimensions: height (H) 90-120; Width (W) 190-250; Length (I) 50-85 mm
  • Pack dimensions: height (H) 90-120; Width (W) 190-250; Length (L) 150-425 mm
  • Average change over time: 35-40 minutes
  • Wrapping material: thermowelding PE
  • Wrapping material thickness: 18-50 micron (for thickness < 25 micron contact our Technical Dept.)

Production year 2014

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Wrapping machine for facial tissue boxes

Versatile, reliable and innovative, CMW200 BOX is able to wrap single layer multi-pack of boxes of facial tissue up to a speed of 120 packs per minute.

The machine is equipped with the traditional reciprocating wrapping cycle but it also offers some signifi cant innovations. Among these, the main one is represented by the bottom sealer that reduces the maintenance time thanks to the “extraction” system of the sealing element and its quick connectors.

Also worthy of note, the extended sealing belts unit and the deceleration section between the overhead fl ights and the discharge unit that grants more accurate side sealing of the packages thus improving the quality of fi nished product.

CMW 200 BOX has been designed not only to ensure high quality fi nished product, but also to contain costs through a number of innovations that allow easy maintenance tasks.